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Patricia Davidson
Funeral Mass
September 30, 2020

Past Funeral Services

Past services are viewable, usually within 6 hours after the live stream.

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Michael William Parasiuk
Memorial Service
September 19, 2020

Charles Young
Memorial Service
August 28, 2020

Gerald Steeves
Memorial Service
August 22, 2020

Michael Smith
Funeral Service
July 11, 2020

Jennifer Byers
Funeral Service

June 8, 2019

Vilia Elizabeth Sadler
Funeral Service

February 6, 2019

John Paul Ackerman
Funeral Service

January 17, 2019

Paul Moore
Celebration of Life Service

June 2, 2018

Ronald Albert William Butler
Celebration of Life Service

April 14, 2018

Linda Elisabeth Stade
Memorial Service

January 7, 2017

Wanda Neetz
Memorial Service

December 18, 2016

Patricia Ruth Duncan
Memorial Service

November 25, 2016